the future of ecommerce marketing strategy to watch out for

The Future of Ecommerce Marketing Strategy to Watch Out For

Ecommerce marketing is evolving. What used to work previously may be less effective now, and new strategies are constantly emerging. As an eCommerce business owner or marketer, staying on top of the latest trends is essential to adapt your eCommerce marketing strategy and stay ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the future trends in eCommerce marketing strategy that you should watch out for. Stay tuned for more insights on how to future-proof your ecommerce marketing strategy!

The rise of conversational commerce and how it’s changing the way we shop online

the rise of conversational commerce and how it's changing the way we shop online

Ecommerce has become increasingly popular in today’s tech-savvy world. With the rise of conversational commerce, ecommerce marketing strategy is completely transforming how we buy products and services online. This evolving eCommerce landscape now allows customers to shop more naturally, conversational manner. Hey Jay Digital believes businesses can leverage modern chatbot technology to facilitate customer service requests using conversational commerce. This new way of shopping gives customers an experience that feels more like talking with a friend or customer service representative than ever! As eCommerce continues to evolve, businesses must stay ahead of the curve and create innovative eCommerce marketing strategies that capitalize on emerging technologies like conversational commerce.

How personalization will become even more important in your ecommerce marketing strategy

how personalization will become even more important in your ecommerce marketing strategy

Personalization has always been a critical factor in ecommerce marketing strategy. Still, the increasing availability of consumer data and the ever-improving technology for analyzing it means that eCommerce marketers can now take that personalization to the next level. With immense accuracy, eCommerce marketers can now understand their customers’ behavior, interests, and preferences better than ever before, allowing them to create more tailored experiences for each consumer. As a result, blanket messaging and advertisements are ending as eCommerce marketers move towards capturing audiences’ attention by providing them with relevant information tailored specifically to their needs.

The increasing importance of visual search and why it matters for your product pages

the increasing importance of visual search and why it matters for your product pages

Visual search has become an essential ecommerce marketing strategy, as customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to quickly finding what they need without having to type out a search query laboriously. Every eCommerce business should consider how visual search technology can best display product pages. By viewing the visuals that can be used with each page, eCommerce businesses have an excellent opportunity for making avant-garde marketing strategies, such as creating digital catalogs or integrating video clips. In addition, visual search is faster and easier, allowing eCommerce stores to display more information upfront and engagingly.

It even gives them more data points around customer behavior, which can inform future ecommerce marketing strategies. In short, eCommerce businesses should invest in visual search if they want their product pages to remain competitive and stay at the front of their customer’s minds.

The growth of voice assistants and how they’re being used for shopping

the growth of voice assistants and how they're being used for shopping

The emergence of voice assistant technology has revolutionized ecommerce marketing strategy, with significant retailers leading the charge in utilizing this new technology. Customers can now use voice assistants to shop from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for lengthy trips or extensive research on complex eCommerce products. The convenience and ease of access these features offer is unparalleled and shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers can ask questions about products, find deals, make purchases, and compare prices quickly with the help of their voice assistant device. Plus, marketers can gain invaluable insights into customer behavior by using voice search analytics. Voice assistants are here to stay when it comes to eCommerce marketing!

Why mobile eCommerce is continuing to grow and what that means for your marketing strategy

why mobile ecommerce is continuing to grow and what that means for your marketing strategy

Mobile eCommerce shows no sign of slowing down. Riversand Technologies reports that 72% of eCommerce sales were made using a mobile device in 2020, indicating a substantial year-over-year growth of almost 20%. This percentage is expected to increase as shoppers become more comfortable with online eCommerce and mobile navigation. Now is the perfect time if you still need to take advantage of the eCommerce boom. First, you’ll need to review your ecommerce marketing strategy and see what adjustments you need to make for it to be accessible on all devices.

Note that small changes, such as placing big buttons or increasing the font size, can impact user engagement. Remember that whichever eCommerce platform you choose should also ensure PCI compliance, performance & scalability, and friendly UI/UX design if you want customers to find their way around it easily and quickly.

How AI and machine learning will shape the future of ecommerce marketing

how ai and machine learning will shape the future of ecommerce marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning advances are revolutionizing eCommerce marketing strategies. For example, AI can segment audiences more accurately than ever before, which will significantly impact eCommerce marketers’ ability to target potential customers with customized ads and offers. Marketers will also be able to automate more of their ecommerce marketing strategy, freeing up precious resources that can be better spent in other business areas.

Additionally, AI and machine learning technology can collect vast amounts of data for eCommerce marketing teams to analyze, giving them an incredible advantage when understanding customer behavior. Never before has eCommerce marketing had so much potential for success; embracing these new technological tools could make all the difference for eCommerce marketers.


With conversational commerce on the rise, eCommerce brands must be ready to meet shoppers where they are, which is increasingly online, and often on their mobile devices. Personalization will become even more critical as shoppers seek tailored experiences, while visual search and voice assistants provide new opportunities for brands to reach consumers. Mobile eCommerce continues to grow rapidly, so marketers need a solid understanding of optimizing their eCommerce marketing strategy. AI and machine learning will also play a significant role in shaping the future of eCommerce marketing, so those who don’t embrace these technologies may fall behind the competition.

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